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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Chapter One Hundred Forty-Four, in which the Novel begins

Well, just for the sake of sharing: we have no names, only two obvious characters, but a whole room full of important but indefinite characters, known at this point only by an emotion. For example, one character is a man known as Revenge. Add to this a lack of setting and, most importantly for an historical novel, detail, and we are off to a lackluster start. Would either of our two lingering readers like to sample the first few sentences?
"If you took this case, how would you approach it?"

"I wouldn't take this case. There is nothing to be gained from it."

"Nothing for you to be gained, you mean."

"Of course. You of all people are not that unselfish."

"But there is a life to be gained for the accused."

Let us call this novel-so-far by it's most obvious title, Disaster.

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