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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Okay. We've been itching to write about Love, the recent release from this hot new band called the Beatles. For such young lads, these guys write some pretty good songs which have a timeless quality. They also perform rather well, with a lovely mix of garage band-style and (for lack of a better contrasting word) big band-style. They can go from grunge to grand without missing a beat.

This album reportedly took over two years to produce, which makes me wonder what Mr. Martin was up to. Some of the tracks are fantastic, while others are simply underwhelming. Mr. McCartney, the bass player for the band, said it best in a comment to his producer: You can go even further.

This aside, what really made us come to mention this music is a film we just recently watched: Yellow Submarine. This film was born from a Beatles song. There were also films of much broader adaptations of songs, such as A Hard Day's Night and Help!.

There have been film adaptations of books for as long as there have been films. After visiting another blog, The End of the Affair comes immediately to mind as a brilliant adaptation of the Graham Greene novel.

Once again, we arrive at the intersection of two matrices and wonder: has there ever been a song adaptation of a book, or a book adaptation of a song? Any examples come to mind? Any adaptations you would like to see?

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