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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cottages on Monastery

New views for us in Alaska, out the front door and down the street. On Friday we packed up and moved everything from the inn to a tiny cottage only one block from the dock and downtown.

There are some advantages and some disadvantages. First, the space is smaller than the hotel room. There is no service to bring in fresh towels every day. The view of the school playground is not as pleasing as the bay with cruise ships and eagles. There is only a twin bed, with a trundle bed underneath. There are no dressers, only a few shelves in a wall nook. And there is no bathroom sink.

On the positive side, the location is much more convenient to everything. The market and laundry are each a block away. There is not the regular noise of trucks outside the window. There is a complete kitchen, with sink and stove. Tableware and cookware are provided. Internet access is available and reliable. And the walk to the hospital is only twenty-five minutes, without the need to pass through the bear-infested national park.

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