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Sunday, November 6, 2005

We interrupt this Blog...

...for an announcement from the Emergency Broadcast System. This is NOT a test.

Callisto brought the news to our attention this morning. In brief, a school principal will suspend any students who maintain a personal blog. Read the complete article (and a more extensive one) and then take action.

We can not allow this to go without a response. McHugh needs to let parents decided what is right for their children. In this country liberty takes precedence over security. Does his decision show respect for parents? Does his decision show respect for children? No, no, it is all about making himself feel good: "If this protects one child from being near-abducted or harassed or preyed upon, I make no apologies for this stance." He ought to quit acting like God and start TEACHING, if he wants children to learn about civility, courtesy, and respect.

Use the school feedback form here as well as follow the links for further contact information to send letters or telephone. Ask for answers. This encroachment on their liberty is an encroachment on yours as well.

Sam Adams would have tarred and feathered the good Revered.


  1. Well, I graduate with an MFA and uncertain prospects in May, so perhaps we can negotiate... You do sell books, am I correct? Ah yes, then we should be able to negotiate something.

  2. How horrible!

    I suppose it would be acceptable to ban blogging AT SCHOOL, but the principal's attempt to regulate the students' private lives is absolutely unconscionable.