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Friday, April 7, 2006

Chapter One Hundred Twelve, in which We offer a guided Tour

After enjoying a peek at Andi's bookshelves, we thought we would offer both of our inquiring readers an exclusive glimpse inside Mad About Books International Headquarters. Yes, what you are about to see is an unprecedented series of images that reveals the secret inner sanctum of your Bibliothecary, and the factory where are produced all the mad ramblings of a certified book-fancier.

First, a word of warning: some of the following images are not suitable for children or bookaholics. If you feel you may be offended, please immediately click to the following safe haven.

Enter the office of the CRO. There are several stacks of books on his desk at the moment, but we can't show them because there is also some material of a highly confidential nature. We can show the bookcase beside the desk:

Next we turn down one of the hidden corridors leading out of the inner sanctum, where we find some shelves full of reference books:

And on the other side another smaller shelf:

In the meeting room we find a shelf of books on books:

A half-wall which parcels the space makes a nice cubby for books:

Books also serve as decorative objects:

The catch of the day--pulp fiction--unloaded on the floor:

In the conservatory there is a set of shelves that are full of religious books, like this:

In the corner are shelves for part of the American Revolution collection:

Against the stairwell leading to the Bookcave, another shelf of books:

In the recreation center we have a shelf full of Arthuriana:

And a couple piles of books your Bibliothecary is currently reading:

One of the offices contains some shelves of books:

Another office contains some more shelves of some more books:

The grand entry is appropriately stocked with books:

There are valuable treasures safe behind glass:

In the conference room we find several shelves of books:

And more books on more shelves:

The magical Bookcave has some shelves with books over here:

And some shelves with books over there (with a ladder to reach the top):

And if you will direct your attention this way you will see a few shelves with more books:

On our left we will see some other books on shelves:

And through the labyrinthine passageways to the dark center of the Bookcave where there are some shelves that are shamefully in need of more books:

We hope you have enjoyed this tour, and ask that you please don't hold those last empty shelves against us. We are working hard to get them filled as soon as possible. If you would like to see more in person, we are now offering pre-packaged fantasy vacations that include a day of work in a real bookstore, a pre-dawn alphabetizing of new arrivals, and a guided book hunt (license required). Contact your travel agent for more information.


  1. I am all for picture posts, but shouldn't these snapshots be centerfolds in a book magazine? The kind that comes in a plain brown wrapper?

    Think of the children...

  2. I am currently filled with jealousy and self-loathing. Thank you.

  3. How are all these bookshelves all in one building?

  4. I love the idea of a book magazine with a centerfold!

    All these shelves in one building leave little room for anything else. We even had to relocate the Bookheir to make room for more books.

  5. I have to say, I'm quite lustily jealous. You put me to SHAME. *drool*

  6. so many books...few sights are as beautiful :)

  7. I have refrained from posting any comments for a few days now. Because. Well. Because I was seething with so much jealousy that I frigthened myself.

    Then I set about organizing my own bookshelves that remain in disarray after the move. They are now organized and lovely. Although...their number pales in comparison to your ranks.

    Thanks. I think.

  8. Wow...that was more serious than a heart attack, more pleasurable than an orgy and wow....I just want to fondle all those shelves so badly now.

    came via http://danitorres.typepad.com/

  9. Even though I have dial-up, I could wish that the resolution in your photos was higher, so I could tilt my head to one side and READ ALL THE TITLES... although I do recognize a few spines here and there. Mmmmmm. Booooooks. Thanks for sharing.