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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chapter One Hundred Forty, in which two Books are finished

Joy and rapture!

Your Bibliothecary has finished the reading of Swann's Way and The Island of Doctor Moreau. There was no deadline for the first--or the informal one was long past--and the second is due next week, so we have time to gather our thoughts and draft something at least publishable, if not insightful. We have been lax in our fleshing out of The Slaves of Golconda blog, but Stefanie, having selected our current title, has proceeded to gather some information and links which may interest.

Having finished Swann's Way and begun Within a Budding Grove, some further thoughts on Proust are in order. In case you have not read this far yet, I will say only that I was surprised how things turned out for M. Swann.

Read the rest of this mind-boggling chapter at Involuntary Memory.

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