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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chapter Ninety-Four, in which the Hat is passed

About a month back, news of the Book Lover's Ball was spread at BookLust. This event is scheduled for Thursday 16 February, so I am getting to this chapter at the last minute. If my Dear Readers so desire, we can still get one of "Us" in.

Patricia noted how much she would enjoy attending this event. Unfortunately, the ticket prices were beyond her budget. One of her dear readers suggested every chip in to buy her a ticket. Well, that is precisely what I propose we do... better late than never.

Individual tickets cost $350. Patricia had seven readers comment. Would each contribute $50? Or could we get thirty-five people to contribute ten dollars to this worthy cause? That is our goal. We don't know the exact number of Dear Readers we have here, but if everyone participates the task should be simple and painless.

We will of course require a full report from the event, including pictures and autographs if at all possible, and it would not hurt if Patricia dressed up as Mrs. Haversham. For those who donate, feel free to add a comment with a question for Patricia to ask.

We did not reach our goal. Refunds have been issued. A heartfelt thanks to those who generously donated.


  1. I wish you luck on receiving enough donations to reach your goal. I was only able to contribute $10 to get Patricia to the Ball. I'm sure all your readers would love a post about the event!

  2. Quel timbre? Mais comment pourrais-je n'ayant meme pas ton addresse?

  3. Oh dear! I do appreciate your efforts, Quillhill, really! Your heart is definitely in the right place.

    Thanks to all who donated! Better to use that money for yourselves, though. Buy a really good book!

    I don't need to go to that expensive Ball, anyway. I'll report on my OTHER Ball event next week!