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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Chapter Ninety-Seven, in which the print Version is previewed

The other day Pages Turned featured their new magazine cover. Your Bibliothecary thought it would be fun to play along and see what our magazine will look like when it finally hits the newstands.


We will be offering special discount subscriptions to all our Dear Readers, so check back often for details to come. And if you simply can't wait, why not go make your own.


  1. Is there any way I can properly put into words the complete flattery I feel and the utter blushiness of my current state upon clicking through to visit you, only to find that I'm featured (not only as an actual published writer, but award-winning no less) on your hypothetical cover? Let me just say, from your lips to my agent's ears. You are a flatterer. A very good one indeed!!!

  2. Hurrah! Hardy has finally broken his 100-year writer's block!

    Too fabulous, Jeff. Throw in some good recipes and I would subscribe at once.