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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Chapter One Hundred Twenty Three, in which your Bibliothecary attempts to regain Balance

Who would have thought nearly one month would pass ere another entry was posted here? Dear Readers, you both must have wondered what bookish fate had befallen your Bibliothecary. Let us reassure one and all: we have merely been out of balance.

A full-time job that pays for a full-time habit, along with managing a household and leading a pack of five others leaves us with precious little time to devote to anything else. Obligations to the Slaves of Golconda and Estella's Revenge consume more time. This is not to say that nothing else has happened, but blogging about them is typically a weight that sinks directly to the bottom of the priority list.

Our hope for the next year is to simplify and gain some time in which to relax, sit back and look at the stars or chase squirrels in the yard or--dare we dream!--read. For now, we would like to take you on a trip to the recent past. The next few posts will flashback progressively further in time, so those who have not yet lost all interest can catch-up and continue to follow the adventures of this book-fancier.


  1. It's nice to see you back! I've missed your posts.

  2. I am so pleased you are okay! I, too, have been out of balance and not posting for a longer stint than planned. I know how it goes...but also began to worry about you. So pleased you are well and posting. We'll take what we can get...however much you can give while still managing the rest of your life!