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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Interlude: Redirect

We don't often do this, so take note. If you enjoy intelligent, insightful, and incandescent writing about literature, there is a wonderful blog we have chanced upon by following a comment on So Many Books. Prepare to be grabbed, sucked in, and eager for more when you visit Tales from the Reading Room. Go there. Now.


  1. Well thank you so much - that is extremely kind of you! I'm wondering how I haven't come across your blog up until now, but it is a big litblog world out there. At least now we've found each other. I used to be a bookseller many years ago and I have immense nostalgia for it. I loved it. Congratulations on making your first year!

  2. Nothing better than a new blog to read! Thanks!

  3. Loving it! Thank you for the link!