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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Book Hunts

On Wednesday we took a ninety minute drive to a shop in a small town that is closing its doors, and offering all their books at 50% off. The shop had been closed a few days before while the shopkeepers pulled their most valuable books off the shelves, as they continue to sell them on the internet, and hope to some day reopen in a new town.

Everything is for sale: books, shelves, and all the little knicky-knacky, crafty, candley things they also have on offer. (We can only presume it's a way to make money, but the mixture of such handicrafts with books just grates.) Nothing of superb value was found, and we came away with three small bags of books which we hope will be of interest to our bibliomaniacs.

The significance of the trip is that it was the first book-hunt of the year, and the first for us since September, and it thereby signals the desires and joys of a new season in which we hope to acquire many more fine books, for our bibliomaniacs as well as our selves.


  1. That's a long time between book hunts! I'm sorry that you didn't have better luck at the sale but glad to hear that you are on the road again and anticipating another exciting year in the book trade!

  2. Thanks Kate. And to follow up the good news, two of those books I picked up on Wednesday sold the second day they were in my store. Getting the right books into the hands of the right people is what it makes it all worth while.