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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Chapter Fourteen, in which a Client builds a private Collection

We now have our first client who wants us to help her build a collection.

About two weeks ago she came to us with a long list of titles in the Value Tales series of books for children. We did not have any on the shelf, so we helped her order five titles. Some of those have arrived and some (though I'm not sure exactly why) have not. In the mean time, I uncovered a box of several more titles in the warehouse which I didn't even know we had. So our client came in again today to purchase those titles we found. And she officially declared that she is looking to collect them all, and wants our help. We even discovered that there is a difference in sizes--she only wants the smaller--and difference in condition--she wants only fine copies, and seems likely to take what she can get when she can, and then trade up if something better comes along, just like a well-seasoned collector.

The best part about building a collection for someone is that we have nearly guaranteed sales.

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