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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chapter Twenty-Four, in which The Beggar ponders Life

The question has been asked in a newsgroup: When we have things to do that don't involve books (ie. laundry, shopping for groceries, washing the cat), is bookselling interfering with life, or is life interfering with bookselling?

I suppose the way one answers this question is a kind of self-diagnosis, a way to tell to what degree you have become infected with book fever. Those who say "life" is interfering are probably bibliomaniacs. Say it with me: My name is Jeff, and I'm a bibliomaniac.

But this is one -ism we presumably do not want to cure. And when such a question even enters your mind, I would suggest you are already suffering. Unfortunately, as long as "life" conflicts with bookselling, we will continue to suffer. I intend to relieve my suffering by making bookselling my life.