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Saturday, August 6, 2005

Chapter Sixteen, in which The Beggars celebrate another good Hunt

As we stood in a long line of people waiting to get in to last night's venue, I realised that booksales (locally at least) are one of the few places remaining in America where people can go carrying suitcases and big duffel bags and totes and not be searched or subjected to interrogation. Let's hope we don't lose that liberty.

The results of the sale look very good. Despite the Silent Partner's feeling that there was nothing special, we brought home several hard-to-find and classy items. There is a review copy of a scholarly book on psychology; a special edition Merck; a virtually unknown book on Celtic Mysteries; and two more boxfuls of items to sell online.

Inside the store we have added a huge volume in slipcase on wine, several banned books, as well as some nice modern first edition fiction.

Our personal collections had some additions as well, highlighted by a folio on the Revolutionary War, and a special edition Bicentennial Almanac.

Finally, since it seems one can always find another good book, there will be more hunting tomorrow and later in the week.

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