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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Chapter Thirty, in which The Beggar's personal Collection is surveyed

Following the thread of Golden Rule Jones and several others, I have taken a survey of authors in my personal collection to get a new perspective on who I read, what I collect, and an overall sense of my preferences. Like several others, my list appears skewed toward classics and men. Taking four books as the cutoff point, and including books about as well as by, there are 38 writers I own in multi-volume. The rest number in the thousands.

Christopher Morley—51
Max Brand—37
D.H. Lawrence—28
Thomas Hardy—19
Ray Bradbury—15
Gabriel Garcia Marquez—10
John Irving—10
Milan Kundera—10
Vladimir Nabokov—10
William Shakespeare—10
Will Durant—10
Kathryn Davis—9
Amy Bloom—8
James Fenimore Cooper—8
Salman Rushdie—7
Oscar Wilde—7
Jeanette Winterson—7
Italo Calvino—7
Johannes von Goethe—6
Fyodor Dostoyevsky—6
Alexandre Dumas—6
Scott Fitzgerald—6
Daniel J. Boorstin—6
Henri Stendhal—6
Emile Zola—5
Steve Erickson—5
Penelope Fitzgerald—5
Stephen R. Lawhead—5
Henrik Ibsen—5
James Burke—5
J-K Huysmans—5
John Barth—4
Graham Greene—4
Mary Stewart—4
Robert Louis Stevenson—4
Arturo Perez-Reverte—4
Arnold Bennett—4
Eugene Sue—4

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