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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chapter Twenty-Nine, in which The Beggars sally forth alone

After polling some fellow booksellers, it seems as if we will be entering uncharted territory in the next month with billboard advertising. Newspaper advertising is logical in that it appeals to people who already read actively. However, not everyone receives the daily newspaper. We hope the billboard will reach some of those people, or perhaps even non-readers who either may be looking for a book for someone else, or who can pass along the message. And while a newspaper ad will run for a day, or a week, we will be getting, thanks to KA, our key connection, two boards that will be up for one month. The deal comes with professional design, and the result will be available for us to use elsewhere.

Along with this, we will begin a two-pronged advocacy/promotion/campaign. On all our publicity material and advertising and instore signing we will urge people to
Feed The Need To Read::Buy A Book A Week.

This is an enhancement of an old idea proposed by that great bookman A. Edward Newton in A Magnificent Farce. Whether it is eighty years too late, or its time has come, we like it and hope other booksellers will join in or adopt similar campaigns. The concept has worked for others (ie. eat five doughnuts a day, change your oil every three months or three thousand miles) so let's hope it has similar success among readers.

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