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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chapter Forty-Eight, in which a Prize is offered

Inspired by the generosity of Stefanie, I am going to begin giving away books to a lucky one of my two readers. Stefanie took names and drew from a hat (leaving me one of the dejected losers), but I am going to give away my first book in a much more subjective manner.

To win Book #1, please send your name and a brief statement about why you want this book. The winner will be judged solely upon the creative appeal to your Bibliothecary.

The first book offered is a Vintage paperback edition of John Gardner's The Art of Fiction, subtitled Notes on Craft for Young Writers. I have recently upgraded to a hardcover copy, and so it is a perfect opportunity to pass along this essential work on writing.

Good luck to both of you. I will announce the winner at the end of the weekend.


  1. I deserve the free book because

    1. I was the first person to buy YOUR book after it was published.

    2. I let you wear my panties on your head once!

  2. I have a lot against me, not only did I not draw your name in my book giveaway, but having never met you I can't say that I let you wear my panties on your head. Nor have I bought your book. That's three strikes and by all rights I should be out. But I'm counting on your fair mindedness as well as your kind and generous nature.

    I already own Gardener's On Becoming a Novelist. Even though I read it I am still not a novelist. I obviously need more help. Will you help me by sending The Art of Fiction? Pretty please? My artistic future just might be in your hands.

  3. One more reason for me...

    Stefanie's artistic future just may well be stiff competition for you..let's not help that along!


  4. Oh my gosh! STEFANIE! If I hadn't read your blog and saw what a worthy book lover you are, I would just call you a big cheater right here and now!!!!!

    I will defer if you add my name to your "acknowledgement" page.

    God knows I couldn't get Jeffy- Cakes to do it... even after the panties!

  5. Well, perhaps since there are supposedly two books that will be given away, the second might be revealed and we could both win as I am sure you are just as deserving :)

  6. Let me guess, the subtitle for The Art of Fiction is How to Write So Well That Women Will Throw Their Underwear At You...?