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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chapter Forty-Three, in which is shared some random Thoughts about technical Failures

We have been experiencing technical failures, those unwanted side effects of the miracle drug of the electronic age. All systems have been crippled, and while we try to repair, we are operating on a pieced-together backup, which itself is having circulation troubles. Let's hope it keeps working long enough to post this, at least.

Correct me if I am wrong: spyware and adware programs are supposed to watch a computer and report on what activities take place. If I visit the library website, I will receive ads and offers which are different from those targeted to users who visit the Silver Slipper website. How, then, do these programs do that when they completely cripple a computer? If my computer keeps shutting down, how can I do anything with it? If I can't connect to the internet, I won't be surfing anywhere to receive ads of any kind. Are these crippling programs designed by mischevious college kids with either a shortage or abundance of beer? Or are they maliciously introduced into the digital world by hawkers of spyware killers and adware cleaners?

Beyond these concrete queries, there are larger metaphysical questions to be answered. We have not been able to post anything since last week. Do any of our experiences in the last seven days count? If one cannot blog about it, has it really happened?

Last week we signed off on the way to a book sale with the promise to explore how gambling related to book hunting. Today we return from a different book sale, and will be able to use it as a launching point for the same exploration. The blog will continue today just the same as if it was still last week, and without this posting, no one would know the difference. It is as if everything that happened between last week's book hunting and this week's blogging is canceled, or lost, or deleted from the virtual world. Today is today, but I have been electronically stuck in last week. Am I existing in the past, or the future?

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