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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Chapter Forty-One, in which a Bookstore is saved

From the San Francisco Chronicle comes this story. Here is a key portion:

Kepler's, founded 50 years ago, had been struggling financially in recent years, due to declining sales -- like other independent bookstores, it had lost customers to the Internet -- and rising costs.

If customers want the bookstore to survive, they will have to change their buying habits, said Kepler, citing a survey that found people who patronize independent bookstores buy 20 books a year, but buy only eight of them from independent booksellers.

"We need customers to say, 'I'm going to buy two, three, four or five of those books at Kepler's,' " he said.

Fewer and fewer people supported the store when it was open. When it suddenly closed, the lament and outpouring of support was tremendous. Why are people so complacent? The cost of a cure is always more than the cost of prevention. This story has a happy ending, and that's not always the case.

Here is my plea to book lover's everywhere: Don't take your local independent bookstore for granted. Support them. Buy your books from them. Buy your books through them. Tell your friends.

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  1. But I promised my husband I'd stop buying so many books.

    Well ...ok, if you insist. But when he looks at my credit card bill, I'm sending him to you.

    Love your blog, btw. Found it via Kate's Book Blog, another great find.

  2. Patricia, thanks so much for stopping by. You are welcome any time.

    I have been reading about your BookLust for a couple weeks now. Good luck with your Holy Crap.

    Just tell your husband the Bibliothecary prescribed a book a week. There are worse things you could be buying, or lusting after.