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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Not of "Ice Road Truckers". Of the sun!

We don't know what the record is, but we have now had two full days of sun. Someone mentioned that this time of year is typically the sunny season. We also suspect that the unseasonably warm weather in the northwestern 48 has some effect here. The proprietress of the inn commented yesterday, "It's going to be a really hot one." The temperature here topped at 68 degrees.

This morning it is 60 degrees, and another clear sunny day. Across the bay we just watched a seaplane take off. Yesterday as we trekked across the bridge, another plane circled over our head and then swooped down between the bridge pylons to land in the Channel. Mount Edgecumbe also appeared larger to us, but once again the setting sun inteferred with our photographs. We will make an earlier attempt today. We did manage one shot from further away:

While some local children played at fishing from the rocks, our wife stripped her aching feet and let the waves wash up her legs. We were content to dip our fingers in the chilly water, to rinse off a pretty shell.

Below we see what a parking lot in Sitka, Alaska looks like:

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