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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sunny Days

By noon, the clouds had burned and blown away, and all that remained was clear skies and lots of sun. We set off for the three-mile hike to the hospital, and found lots of nice photo opportunities.

The lighthouse is across the Eastern Channel. And in the channel were two cruiseships, preparing to depart. The one in the distance is in the bay directly outside our inn. The one in the foreground was gone by the time we returned, and could be seen beyond the islands heading northwest.

Nothing to tell about a few of these photos, other than the view struck us. How beautiful to look out across the sound where ships are anchored, and a seaplane comes in for a landing, with snow-capped mountains in the background, and a ghostly half-moon above it all, clear skies and cool temperatures and the smell of the sea in the air.

Up the bridge we voyaged. For the first time in the distance we could see Mount Edgecumbe, the distinctive volcanoe. Even on this clear day, it was still ringed with low clouds.

Finally on Japonski Island we reached the hospital. Total elapsed time about fifty minutes. Half a block further and situated right along the edge of the channel is one of the high schools. Imagine canoeing to school every day. Or perhaps fishing during lunch period. From the top fifth floor of the hospital the view back across the Eastern Channel is beautiful. And the pace at the hospital is laid way back.

We begin the walk back to the inn. Most of the day tourists are gone, and the city center is quiet. We make a stop in the grocery for a few items, then finish the journey. After dinner the moon begins to shine brighter over the bay.

By 10:00pm, dusk had arrived. There is still over eighteen hours of daylight right now. According to charts, nearly two hours have been given back since the summer soltice. Not only are the daylight hours longer, but the day feels longer, or slower, here. It is late, night really, yet it feels like afternoon has just passed. The photograph gives a little bit of the sense of what the day looks and feels like at this hour.

A great way to end the day, the last cruise ship slipping behind the islands out to sea, and the moon shining brightly across the bay.

PS. In case you don't know, you can click on any image to see it enlarged. Enjoy!

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