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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Tide Is Turning

Once again, the sun came out from the clouds around 7:00pm last night. This is just about the best view of the mountains across the bay that we have seen. And the snow-capped mountains to our immediate south revealed their summits as well.

For this white suburban boy, the secrets of the tides were a mystery. We knew of their existence, but never directly experienced them. Last night we stepped out to the bay to view the high tide. Our initial reaction was amazement. Because the area that we had walked along the night before was gone, all under water. Intrigued, we checked the tide tables and set out this morning to view the low tide. Our findings are displayed below, both images taken from the same location.

If you don't know, the tides come basically twice a day. From the charts, it appears that the levels of high and low tide fluctuate over days in a gentle wave of higher and lower depths. And from unscientific observation, the eagles seem to prefer low tide, probably when whatever goodies the tide brings in are left exposed, and easy pickings. The fishermen are out at all hours, and seem not to have any preference at all. And the fish we have seen that are caught are big, twelve to sixteen inches at least. Must be what makes the eagles and other birds so big, too.

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