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Friday, July 15, 2005

Chapter Five, in which The Beggars are diagnosed with Bibliomania

Missing the sales of the last weekend (as well as missing the sales of this weekend due to circumstances beyond our control), drives us to search on the internet for other bargains. We start out searching for and identifying the tracks of our prey. We advance quietly and slowly, and soon we come upon an entire herd, vulnerable in the open, indeed eager to be acquired and displayed proudly on a shelf under the watchful eyes of a mounted elk's head and the rifle which brought it down. The excitement of this virtual hunt is just as strong as any other. The feelings are becoming now familiar: an intense desire to acquire and possess books or the species Rarus, Opulentus, and Teres. We find ourselves even wondering, however briefly, how we might afford to purchase another store for $400,000: surely there is some way we could manage it. It is with a profound sense of acquiescence that we must allow those maganificent volumes to slip into another's possession. Perhaps another day....

Thank God we don't do auctions! (Yet)

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