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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Chapter Nine, in which The Silent Partner speaks

A couple visited us today and asked if we would like to buy a small collection of 20-30 books. Upon further discussion I learned that the books were dated 1921 and before. I made a phone call and was assured I could make them an offer.

Was I perchance too eager to own these items? The couple decided to return when the "regular" proprietor would be available. In the meantime they would contact another family member in order to give her opportunity to take the books.

How could I have lost the opportunity to acquire such lucious items as an 1855 edition of a book on the life of Christ or an inscribed 1822 copy of Shakespeare? Truly I was disappointed that the couple did not want to leave these items with me.

Is it possible that my desire to own these items was so obvious the couple was offended by the offer? This would not seem likely since the gentlman was ready to donate the books while the wife was more reluctant.

I do hope that they are true to their word and return when our more competent allocator is available. Otherwise I hope that he enjoys this day off and returns to find the store did OK without him but could really use a clone for such instances as acquisitions of treasured items.
(the not so silent partner)

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