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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Chapter Three, in which the Weekend is slow

Our first slow weekend. A bit of a disappointment, although we have been able to shelve all our new science fiction, as well as about 150 additional books just arrived.

The man down the street opened a gift shop just a couple weeks before we opened our store. Already he is having a "Closing Sale." He is in the building we once considered, and perhaps the rent is too much for him, or the business is woefully slow (which for him I think it is). We plan to last a little bit longer than that.

Grand opening weekend was a big success. The following weekend was spillover from that initial buzz, as word got out we existed. The next weekend was on the heals of a newspaper story about us, which drove more traffic. Last weekend also came after another newspaper photo and blurb, driving more traffic. This weekend is the first we have had without advertising and without any other exposure. Perhaps another ad is due, in a different local paper.

Finally, we decided to skip this weekend's book sales. There was more than a bit of sadness in this decision, as what else but the urge to collect and accumulate more books drives us in this business? But we thought it would be a good idea to 1.rest, and 2.sell some of the books we already have. So what happened? In walks a couple who are searching for a place to donate fourteen boxes of books. Of course, we will be glad to take them. And whatever we cannot use will be siphoned back into the community to people who can, like the veterans' home, prison, hospice, library, etc.

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