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Friday, July 29, 2005

Chapter Ten, in which The Beggars enjoy a good Hunt

A night and a morning of book hunting has yielded about twelve bags of books. Few, if any, were on the list of specific needs for our clients, but were too good to pass up. Some of the highlights include a handful of quality travel books along the lines of Steinbeck, Mayle, McPhee, and Mohr; The Century, by Peter Jennings; a rare Benziger edition of Bunt and Bill, by Clara Mulholland; a nice copy of Lalla Rookh, by Thomas Moore; and The Gates of Doom, by Rafael Sabatini. Sabatini seems to be in vogue, as copies of his work are becoming harder to find and costlier to acquire. A good amount of the spoils should appear for sale online this weekend.

My private collection of the Revolutionary War grew by eight volumes.

The only tinge of sadness to the day was the inevitable fate of the volumes left unwanted at the end of one of these sales. The dumpster will arrive tomorrow afternoon to collect for the landfill. Thankfully, many of the books will first be rescued for the local prison library--one hopes titles such as Escape From Alcatraz and How to Conduct a Successful Riot From Cellblock D are not among these. The unfortunate thing is that there are so many conditions to making donations in other places. Some places will not come to pick up, others require covers to be removed or the books marked in some way, some want only certain types, like large print. If there is someone in the greater Chicagoland area who is looking for book donations without requiring red tape, drop us a line.

Stay tuned: we may be working on next year's fundraiser.

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